Water Balloon Games: A Hilarious Way to Enjoy

These days, children have become mouse-potatoes because they are fully obsessed with their computers, video games or Smartphones. They normally don’t feel like playing physical games anymore. For parents, it’s not an easy task to get children off the digital gadgets. So, they also need to arrange for them some attention grabbing toys and fun games like water balloon games.

The Importance of Water Balloon Drop Games

Water balloon games for youth are the great source of excitement and also especially for kids. During summertime, these kinds of games are specifically played to keep cool in hot dog days. Playing water fun balloon games help you make great splashes of water. For instance, water balloon fights rules and games are really great fun for the whole family.

Parents should arrange these kinds of physical activities in the form of games for kids. All the family members are ready and willing to have fun and get some exercise.

What Kids Can Learn From A Water Balloon Fights Games?

You might be wondering What Kids Can Learn from a Water Balloon Fights Games? Well, kids can learn a lot from the water balloon fight games. They allow kids to explore filled water balloons at their leisure. They learn discipline, engagement rules of team and creative thinking while playing water balloon party games. Playing with them for a while would probably give them more pleasure than you think. Best water balloon games for youth group are one of the best ways for learning and character building. The youth will be learning about defeat and win.

Outdoor Water Gun Games For All Group of Ages

Outdoor water gun games are a fantastic way to cool off in the summer! It doesn’t get any easier than this when it comes to having fun in the sun this summer. What you’ll need is water and a few water arms. These 4 Outdoor water balloon-n-gun games are great to play at outdoor gatherings, family reunions, and even just for fun with your friends on a regular basis.

1) Hide and Soak

Hide and Soak

It is one of the best backyard water gun games. You can easily play hide and soak with the water guns. However, you have to hide the water gun and the other players will have to find them. Not just that, they have to put them gently into the bucket without letting them spray.

2) Water Gun Freeze Tag

Water Gun Freeze Tag

This is a fun twist on freeze tag, but rather than tagging the player, you use a water gun. Choose one player to be “it,” and that player is given a water gun. The “it” player fires the water gun at other participants, and everyone who is struck by the water is frozen in place.

3) Water Gun Capture The Flag 

Water Gun Capture The Flag

Each player will need a water gun and two water balloons. Split the players into two groups. Each team must protect a water balloon while attempting to catch the water balloon of the opposing team. By squirting the other team members, you will “freeze” them. Will you want to thaw out a frozen teammate? If you squirt them, they will “thaw” and be able to play again.

4) Night-time Water Gun Game

Night-time Water Gun Game

A water gun with a water tank light is needed. The players will be able to see it coming with its assistance. Choose one player to be “It.” Give “It” the water pistol, and on “Go,” make him squirt the other players in an attempt to tag them. Moreover anyone who is tagged is labelled “It” and given the pistol.

Five Best Water Balloon Games for Kids

The best way to beat the heat and bring the whole family together is to engage them in water balloon relay games. Here are 5 wonderful balloon water games ideas for kids who will really feel cool and entertained.

Hot Potato: A Musical Water Balloon

1. Hot Potato: A Musical Water Balloon

Simply, you have to keep the water ball moving and out of your hands compulsorily. The water ball shouldn’t be in your hands when the music stops. Otherwise, you are a loser and have to smash it over your head.

The game requires 4 players at least, the more the players are there, the more fun they make hopefully.

Head Case water balloon game

2. Head Case: Similar to the Toss-the-Egg Game

Firstly the game is just to catch water-filled balloons with a basket fastened to your head. The main object of the game is to watch out how many balloons you can catch without breaking anyone. The basic things to play this game include 4 baskets, 100 balloons, and rules. This type of summer water games is also known as water balloon toss games.

Moreover this game helps kids make a burst of great laughter. The game can be modified by creating a competition between two players. One can see how high the water ball goes and is caught without breaking.

Hot Water Balloon Game

3. Hot Water Balloon Game: Make Kids much Laughter

The water balloon games for kids are famous with the bigger kids’ group. This game is also very interesting and funny for kids that are ever ready for entertainment. At least 4 players can play this game.

Here, all the participants need to be in a circle and soap up the hands with some dish soap. Ultimately, their hands will be more slippery in order to make this game more entertaining and challenging. The game demands to catch and throwing the water balloon without dropping it. The last one who is left with the balloon wins the game.

Squeezy Time For Kids

4. Squeezy: The Most Uproarious Water Balloon Game

Squeezy is considerably one of the most hilarious and boisterous water ball games for kids. The primary and funny goal of the game is to crack a balloon filled with water with your back. The fast and smart kids can do it fast and win the game. Moreover this game can guarantee a lot of entertainment for kids.

Water Balloon Relay Game

5. Water Balloon Back-to-Back Race

The game requires pairs of kids who need to hold a water balloon between their backs. They have to race to the destination spot or line without bursting it. They have to run back to resume line to regain another in case of exploding or popping. Truly, this game provides a great source of fun and entertainment.

Outdoor Water Balloon Games for Teens

There are 5 best outdoor water balloon drop games listed for teenagers. They will entertain and learn a lot while playing these games.

1) Water Balloon Baseball Games

Water Balloon Baseball Games

Water balloon baseball could be played in minor or major groups, with a variety of rules. A batter is normally struck with a water balloon. If the batter pops the water balloon, the runners will begin to circle the bases. However to get on base, they’ll have to stop more water balloons hurled by fielders. Kids play water balloon baseball games in the variety of ways. It has turned into a never-ending game. It’s a lot of fun to crack the rules in new ways. We have a lot of fun working with various combinations.

2) Wet Musical Chairs

Wet Musical Chairs

The wet musical chairs is also quite an enjoyable water balloon game. However, you need 3 or more people to play this game. The more people will play it, the more you will enjoy it. Place water balloons on many chairs as you line up your chairs and count your team. Firstly play the game in the same way you’d play musical chairs. The only difference is that whoever sits in the chair now has a good chance of popping the water balloon.

3) Duck Duck Splash!

Duck Duck Splash!

Place a pitcher or bucket of water on the table. Make a circle with three or more children. Choose anyone to play the role of “it.” Hand them a cup filling with water. And let them decide how wet they want to be. It could be a dunk or a splash. The person who is “it” goes around the circle, touching the heads of those who are sitting and saying, “Duck.” Rather than saying “Goose!”. And the guy who is “it” pours the cup of water over the sitting person’s head and runs!.

4) Water Tennis game

Water Tennis game

It’s great for when you don’t feel like having a water balloon fight. Not only that, but it can be played when it’s too hot to play tennis. You can play alone, but it’s not nearly as much enjoyable! You may also add more to the mix. However, you’ll need a lot of tennis rackets, and you’ll have to take turns a lot!

5) Water Balloon Volleyball Games

Water Balloon Volleyball Games

The water balloon volleyball game is also quite exciting. A point awards to the opposing team if a water balloon falls on the ground or pops on their hand. Firstly a winning team gets a point if a pair of players throws a water balloon outside of the pre-determined game limits. It’s fine to throw the water balloon to another hand towel on your own side as long as it doesn’t fall.

Four Best Entertaining Water Balloon Games for Adults

Water balloon war games are a wonderfully entertaining way to have fun. They may keep heat at an arm’s length especially during summers. Moreover they are just meant for kids, but adults can also participate in them to rediscover the forgotten child within.

Here are four best enchanting water balloon games for adults who mostly play them in parties or picnics.

Shaving the Balloon Burst

1. Shaving the Balloon Burst: Creates Suspense

This game is full of suspense that is the primary goal of the game. In this game, breaking is not essential, but the chances of popping are there. Pair up your groups shortly or largely to participate and let the others watch it.

However, in this game, one person needs to sit in a chair. He has a water balloon, covered with shaving cream, holding in his teeth. The goal is to shave the water balloon without exploding it if all of the balloon remains undamaged. The shaver will triumphantly burst the shaving water balloon with a pin. On top of that, the idea of covering the shoulders of the shavers with a towel makes this more hilarious.

Water Wars Balloon Game

2. Water Wars: Full of Jubilance

Water Wars as its title suggests is full of exuberance that is the ultimate goal of almost every game.
Every participant needs to wear T-shirts and eye goggles for this game. You need to fill your balloons with an equal amount of red- and -blue- coloured Kool-Aid.

The participants make 2 red and blue teams, giving each person an equal amount of balloons. Team members assign red or blue bandanas to signify their team. Everyone has an opportunity to scatter and hide. Then a whistle blows and the balloons war gets start.

Everyone searches the opposite players and gets them out of the game by hitting their shirts with the water balloons. As soon as a player gets hit, he is out. The last intact man comes out with flying colours.

Water Balloon Songs Game

3. Songs Game: All About Singing

Balloon Songs game is one of the spellbinding water balloon drop games that help you seek pleasure during summer days. Invite all participants to the party-game and get them to stand in a circle. Select randomly a person to start throwing a water balloon at anyone in the circle.

However, in catching and throwing, if someone fails to catch it, but drops or pops it, he is the ultimate loser. He has to sing a song as a punishment.

Mud Cleaning Balloon Game

4. Mud Clean Up Game: Really Amazing

Fun seeks no age limit. Everybody instinctively feels like having fun just to escape from the hardships of life for the time being. The game is an extremely mud-splashing game, but absolutely funny as well.

Arrange 2 adults to get really muddy to make sure their body, clothes, and hair are totally soaked with mud. And divide the kids into 2 teams and equip them with plenty of water balloons. And instruct them to stand about 15 feet away from the mud-smeared adults. The goal of this game is to announce the winning team who will sooner clean off its persons by throwing the water balloons at them.

Win Your Water Balloon Fight

In Conclusion, water balloon fights are always a lot of fun for the whole family. There are excellent strategies for ensuring that you always win a water balloon battle. You can use them to enjoy and win water balloon fight games.

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