How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft [4 Fastest Ways] Aug 2021

I’m going to show you how to find diamonds in Minecraft. Diamonds are the hardest ore in the game and can be used to make armor, tools, or just about anything you could imagine. However, it is not as simple as setting out into the world of Minecraft with a pickaxe looking for these valuable resources. You will need to find at least one diamond ore block first before you can extract any gems from them!

Diamonds are found at the bottom of an ore vein that can be mined with a pickaxe made of iron or diamond. This requires you to dig into the deepest depths of Minecraft to find them, but it’s worth it for these valuable gems!

The first thing to do is make sure you have iron armor equipped to take some damage and still be able to fight.

Next, you’re going to want a pickaxe. As shown above, if you don’t already have one, you can make one out of four iron ingots. The lowest level pickaxe you could make would be a stone pickaxe which is not recommended as it isn’t very effective at mining the ore vein. You can also upgrade your pickaxe with an iron ingot to mine the ore vein faster and more efficiently, but you won’t be able to mine as much before it breaks.

Now that you’re equipped for battle find a deep mineshaft or abandoned mineshaft on your map and start digging! Diamonds are located at the very bottom of an ore vein, so you’re going to have to dig quite a ways down before you find them.

Diamonds are rare and valuable, but they aren’t the only thing found in deep mineshafts. You can also find iron ore, gold ore, emeralds, lapis lazuli ore & more just by mining or exploring abandoned mineshafts.

Once you have found your diamond ore, start digging out the blocks around it so you can mine them easily! They are precious and should be kept safe in your inventory chest to keep other players from stealing them. Be sure to find a way to defend yourself if other players are already in the area.

Now you know how to find diamonds in Minecraft! Once you have found one diamond ore block, you can use that same pickaxe to mine more blocks. Be careful, though, as your pickaxe will break if it hits the ground! If you don’t have a spare iron pickaxe or two, find the stone and make one quickly for mining. Using gold or wooden pickaxe is even less effective than an iron pickaxe as they break even more rapidly on the hard ore! If you don’t mind collecting some coal, you can also use a stone pickaxe to craft a diamond pickaxe. Then, mine one block of diamond ore, and you will have your very own diamond pickaxe that won’t break on any other resource in Minecraft!

How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft

1) Find a cave

Caves are on the side of a hill or mountainside.

Diamonds can be found by digging around in caves. While looking for diamonds, keep your eyes peeled for any ore veins you come across as well!  Be mindful of any hostile mobs that might be nearby, though! If they are too difficult to defeat, it may be best to leave the cave and come back another time when you have more resources.

Finding a cave can be pretty tricky, but there is a way to find caves easily in your world without having to spend hours wandering around. Find the button that says “Caves” on your map near where you spawn, or press F3 to open up a menu with all the information about the world around you. This will show you exactly where caves are on your map and how deep they are, making it much easier to find them!

2) Look for diamonds in the walls of the cave.

Once you find your cave, start digging around in it and keep an eye out for any ore veins. Diamonds are generally found on the bottom of the vein, but remember that the deeper you have to dig into a mine or cave, the higher level pickaxe you will need.  If your current pickaxe isn’t cutting it, be sure to mine out the top layers of the mine or cave and come back when you have found a higher level pickaxe (stone, iron, etc.)

Mining it with anything less than iron might take an extremely long time if the ore vein is too deep for your current pickaxe. Mining in Minecraft isn’t precisely like mining in real life, but it does take a certain amount of stamina to break the ore blocks. If the pickaxe is not strong enough for the job, it will take more time and effort to mine out each block.

Diamonds don’t drop as an item when mined, so make sure you keep them in your inventory or chest until they can be safely moved.

Once you have mined out enough diamond ore blocks, make sure to smelt them back at your base! Diamonds can be used for so much more than building materials in Minecraft, but it is essential not to lose track of them! If you encounter any other valuable resources while mining or exploring abandoned mineshafts, you can smelt the ore and turn it into blanks for different items.

3) Use the light from torches or other sources to see them better.

If you don’t have any other light sources, remember to use torches or coal ore (which can be smelted into coal). With enough light, the diamonds will reflect it and make them easier for you to see.  However, keep in mind that hostile mobs may spawn in the cave and attack you if your visibility is too high or too bright!

4)Mine out blocks around the diamond to get it out, then put it in your inventory.

Diamonds in Minecraft are not harvested like crops where you can break the whole block and collect the item.  Instead, you must individually mine out each block in a diamond ore vein to get the actual diamond! Keep tapping your pickaxe on the ground in front of you while drilling to find diamonds when they are buried in the background.  You will see a slight glow where they are after each hit!

5) Repeat steps 1-4 until you have enough diamonds!

Remember that diamonds can be used for many different things in Minecraft, so the more you have, the better!  You can use them to craft armor and tools with higher durability than any other material.  This means you will last longer and do more damage when battling mobs or exploring your world.

Make sure you’re using a good pickaxe, and try not to mine too quickly, or else you might miss some diamonds!  If you run out of diamond ore blocks, head back to your base and smelt some more down!


Diamonds in Minecraft are a precious resource and can make some of the best armor and tools in the game.  There is no substitute for diamonds, so finding them is one of the best things you can do! Follow these steps to find more diamond ore blocks and turn them into valuable diamonds instead of letting them sit in a chest.

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