Eiffel Tower Day


Eiffel Tower Day is celebrated on March 31 to commemorate the inaugural anniversary of the Eiffel Tower. Unveiled to the world on this day 1899, this iconic monument has withstood the test of time and remains one of the most remarkable wonders of the world. Standing at 1,063 feet, the Eiffel Tower overlooks the city … Read more

National Doctors Day

It’s easy to forget just how important, valuable and necessary good doctors are – that is until you get ill or sustain an injury. Doctors Day puts hard-working doctors in the spotlight, and encourages us to be considerate of the long hours they work, their compassion, and the effort they put into practicing medicine. Learn … Read more

A Quick Guide to Smart TVs

Smart tv Guide

TV shopping can be one heck of a ride even to the most experienced TV shopper. Additional features, functionalities, designs, and competitive pricing make it challenging to find the best match for your home or office. Manufacturers are on their toes to improve customers’ viewing experience. As well as your kid’s tv experience on how much … Read more