Pakistan Opposition Seeks to Remove PM Khan’s Chief Minister

Pakistan’s opposition parties are seeking to remove Prime Minister Imran Khan’s loyal chief minister in the biggest Punjab province, in a double blow to the premier who is already facing a no-confidence vote in the federal parliament. The joint opposition group moved a no-confidence motion against Chief Minister Usman Buzdar on Monday, said Samiullah Khan, a lawmaker … Read more

Top 20 Strange Buildings of the World


There are many strange constructions that the world has experienced and some of the most interesting ones are listed below: 1. The Crooked House at Sopot, Poland: This house has been built since January 2003 and got completed by the end of the year. This finished architecture got based on Jan Marcin Szancer, the famed … Read more

Exploring NFTs – A Beginner’s Guide To The Marvels Of Blockchain


According to Reuters NFT sales hit $25 billion in 2021. This impressive run points to one thing: more people are adopting NFTs, for their passive income potential, and the market prospects look bright. However, caution is the word of the hour since uninformed involvement in NFTs can cause losses. This NFTs for beginners guide is by no means … Read more